Whisky v. Baerental

“Jana knows German Shepherds! She has been doing this a long time. She will do her best to get you what you want. This is my boy Whisky v. Baerental at 4 years old.”

— Kim Bass Seals

Fifa v. Baerental

Hi Jana, This is my girl at seven. She is the love of my life! She is a local celebrity in my town. Everybody knows and loves her.

— Erin

“If anyone is interested in a well bred GSD, I can attest to the quality of these dogs, well bred and socialized.”
– Brian Berg (Trainer of Mytoi vom Baerental…Service Dog for USA Veteran)
– Owner/ Training Director of K9 Basics Dog Training
Enga & Enoch of Timpanogos daughter…born 11/15/2013

“My wife and I are so happy that we found Baerental German Shepherds. Sienna (Tully) has been a wonderful addition to our family, we couldn’t possibly be happier. (Baerental German Shepherds) pours a tremendous amount of energy into raising these pups the right way, and you can see the fruits of her labor in Sienna’s focus, personality, and curiosity. I think it’s also important to mention, that (BGS) doesn’t just vanish after she places a pup in a new home. She’s there for support, and has been able to help us with training questions along the way. My wife and I spent countless hours looking for the right breeder, and I can say with full confidence that Baerental German Shepherds is as good is it gets.”
– Lou (Tully vom Baerental…Sienna)
Enga & VA Waiko vom Schaumbergerland SchH3 daughter…born 12/20/2015

“He is happy and calm and so lovable.
…Thank you for being an awesome breeder and doing what you do.”
– Brian (Townsend vom Baerental…Atlas)
Enga & VA Waiko vom Schaumbergerland SchH3 son…born 12/20/2015

“I just want to thank (Baerental German Shepherds) for giving my family such a great dog. What great experience, knowledge and passion (you have) for these puppies. Our puppy is just full of love.”
– Frank (Taunton vom Baerental…Hondo)
Enga & VA Waiko vom Schaumbergerland SchH3 son…born 12/20/2015

“Now that I have found you with a new website and e-mail adress I wanted to share with you a couple of pictures of Ulko once again. He is now a little over 2 years, and is a big, beautiful boy. He is a wonderful companion and a true pleasure to be around. He is obiediant, loving, gentle and forceful when necessary. You did a wonderful job in your breeding!” Thanks again
Bob (Ulko is a son of Macy v. Baerental and Vico v. Farbenspiel)

“Just a quick note.  Gunnar is awesome.  He is so great for us, just amazing. Nothing bothers him, he’s game for anything! Bold, confident, curious. Snow, a wheel barrow ride to feed the horses, water pumps and well houses, basement trap doors (oops), motorcycles, and little creeks! Everything is good… he’s game to try it all. I’ll write more later, but had to tell you how crazy we are about him, and how perfect his is for us.

(email when Gunnar turned 1 year.) Today is Gunnar’s one year birthday. Took this picture of him. You did great. He is one amazing dog.
Gin (Macy v. Baerental and Rhett v. Melanchthon)

“Hello!  I just wanted to shoot you an email with an update on Frankie.  Wow.  In the few short weeks we have had him he has been such a blessing to our family. He is an absolute delight. We all love love love him! Frankie has such a personality! He is one of the sweetest and most intelligent dogs I have ever seen, and still a baby!  He is awesome with my kids, but especially my youngest. Man what a sharp tack! He is almost completely housetrained. Way quicker than I thought. He is so eager to learn new things. His favorite activities right now are fetch, tug of war, and just some serious snuggle time with all four of us. I just wanted to sincerely thank you for giving us the opportunity to add such a loving and loved family member to our clan.  We love him so much and look forward to many years with him. Thank you again.”
Lindsey and family (Frankie is a son of Enga od Radovana Plavsica and Cito v. Haus Neoplantum)